Advantages of Normal Relations

Our two people have much to offer each other, and much to contribute to the quality of life in both of our countries. However, we believe that the current relationship is outmoded and in need of a fair and comprehensive review. We are a source of information on new opportunities in many areas, including the following:


Increased bilateral trade in agricultural products will offer new markets for American farmers and ranchers, and make Cuba’s unique products available to American consumers.

Technology & Medicine

America’s cutting-edge technology and medical advances could help the Cuban people and the U.S. could take advantage of Cuba’s world-recognized healthcare and biotechnology expertise.

Energy Resources

We can decrease our dependency on Middle-Eastern oil by providing U.S. companies with opportunities to tap into Cuba’s increasingly abundant oil and gas reserves and its potential for the production of sugar cane biofuel.


Respecting the fundamental right of people of both countries to travel freely would provide an influx of tourist revenue, people contact, and cultural enrichment.


Establishing joint mechanisms would help prevent narcotraffickers from using Cuba’s territory as a transshipment point to America, in accordance with Cuba’s expressed desire to fully cooperate with U.S. authorities in this regard.


Allowing the unfettered participation of Cuban athletes and sports teams in activities taking place in the U.S. and vice-versa would delight sports fans of both nations and promote mutual understanding.


Sharing the considerable educational opportunities offered by our countries would be a boon to students and teachers on both sides of the straits and allow learning from the best of what each side has to offer, including, for example, Cuba’s advances in medical education and  preventive medicine.

The Arts

Significant enrichment would follow from the free exchange of America’s best entertainment and Cuba’s rich cultural offerings, including its widely diffused music and world-class ballet.

Human Relations and Labor Market

Great joy would come to divided families by ending decades of painful and cruel separation.  And Cuba’s highly educated workforce would offer a tremendous opportunity for American enterprises.